FILE (Europe & World)

By mail, JPEG file (.jpg) with resolution 300dpi or 200dpi for large formats.


1. Contact me by email ( by telling me what you want: the name of my drawing and the file format
    Regarding the tessellations (Humans or Animals), let me know, approximately, how many tiles you want on the width;
2. I send you a Contract by email;
3. You return me by email a copy of the Contract signed by you and pay me (preferably by PayPal);
4. As soon as I receive the Contract and the payment, I mail you the file and send you by post a signed and numbered
    Certificat of Sale.

PRICES: 50 €;

Dear Alain,
I marvel at your imagination - you make seeing figures seem easy in what are otherwise just blobs. Escher also had this gift.
Doris Schattschneider
March 14, 2016

Nicolas is quite simply the tessellator par excellence. Only Makoto Nakamura can even remotely approach him in standard. Who is the best is a moot point. However, I now consider Nicolas to be the No. 1. Quite simply, his work has everything:
recognisable silhouettes, most ‘best in class’, articulations, superlatives, quality, variety, number, innovation, emphasis on human figures, special tiles, no padding, and all rendered to a most pleasing standard of finish.
David Bailey
October 11, 2017

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