Sites in French:

http://www.le-monde-etrange-de-escher.fr : THE essential french site about Escher, recently refurbished. Pay attention to the new link. An exciting place developed by a passionate : François Loup.

http://perso.orange.fr/therese.eveilleau/ : Come to the country of magical mathematics, mischievous and... very serious of Thérèse Eveilleau.

http://www.jeux-et-mathematiques.davalan.org/ : Games and Mathematics of Jean-Paul Davalan.

http://www.apprendre-en-ligne.net : Free online courses of mathematics, applied mathematics and computing (high school level).

http://ambigramme.free.fr : Magic and Ambigrams of Julien David.

Sites in English:

http://www.tess-elation.co.uk/new-hom : Reviews, methods, Escher, essays and a lot of articles. The very informative site of David Bailey.

www.tessellations.org : One of the two main sites dealing with tessellations. All aspects of tessellations and their history. Galleries and workshops.

http://www.k4.dion.ne.jp/~mnaka/home.index.html : Tessellation World of Makoto Nakamura, a really great "tiler" artist.

http://www.ozbird.net : Periodic and non-periodic tilings, the inventive art of John A.L. Osborn.

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mathspace/tessellation-masters-puzzle-series : Wooden puzzles with artwork from masters of mathematical art from around the world. Beautiful and particularly inventive puzzles.

http://www.mcescher.com/ : The Official M.C.Escher Website, published by the M.C. Escher Foundation and the M.C. Escher Company B.V.

http://www.worldofescher.com/ : Stories, discuss M.C. Escher's works, provide insight, and offer our high quality products promoting the intriguing work of Escher.

http://www.scottkim.com/ : Designer of visual thinking puzzles for web and print.

http://mathforum.org/sum95/suzanne/tess.intro.html : Tutorials and templates for making your own tessellations. Historical and geographical connections.

http://britton.disted.camosun.bc.ca/jbsymteslk.htm : Activity links on symmetry and tessellations.

http://tessellation.info/ : Tessellation Database. Over 400 tessellations, 46 artists. The best site about the tessellation artists.

http://www.ics.uci.edu : A marvellous source for all those who take an interest in geometric curiosities.

http://www2.iap.fr/users/esposito/ambigallery.html : The site of an esthete of the writing.

http://www.ambigr.am : The new ambigram online magazine of Kai Hammond.

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