"I have gone through your book, and want to congratulate you on a very nice presentation of the ways in which a tile can be shaped in order to fill the plane in a regular division. Your limit tilings are also nice. The quality of the book is excellent."

Professor Emerita of mathematics at Moravian College, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA.
World specialist in the Escher's tessellations.

  Recommended books:  

"Escher - Visions of Symmetry".
"M. C. Escher's Legacy".


escher flower 1 escher flower tessellation escher flower 2

"Alain Nicolas is a true artist. His tilings of the plane, inspired by the great works of the Dutch genius Maurits Cornelis Escher, are rich, diverse, poetic, and surprising, sometimes miraculous. I deeply admire the subtlety of his homage to Albert Einstein, and I am floored by the beauty of the flower that he has tenderly placed on Escher's grave."

College of Arts and Science Distinguished Professor of Cognitive Science Indiana University, Bloomington.

  Recommended books:  

"Gödel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid" Pulitzer Prize 1980.

inversion 1 inversion ellipse tessellation inversion 2

"Your book is spectacular. I can't read French, but friends have helped me translate bits of it, and I've studied the pictures in detail. I am impressed how far you have taken word tessellation. The two versions of INFINI have especially nice letter forms, and the ESCHER design is lovely. You've inspired me to try doing more complex word tessellations."

Scott KIM
Designer of visual thinking puzzles for web and print.

  Recommended books:  

"Inversions" (words that can be read right side up, upside down and every which way).

hat 1 majax 3 times hat 2

"Bravo Alain, another magician... of letters. I am jealous of this facility to deform and fit simple words to get a true picture.
Thanks for this amazing talent - very magicalement"

Gérard MAJAX
Famous french magician and paranormal debunker.

  Recommended books:  

"Secrets of the Card Sharps".

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