Mistigri & the magic Y

aperiodic nicolas tile

Aperiodic Nicolas hexagon tile
Of course, the possibilities of finding new aperiodic tilings diminish over time. In fact, we have not found aperiodic tiling with deformable edges and without marks for 24 years.That’s why I’m still happy to have created the following although imperfect tile.The cat I created in 2017 could be arranged periodically or not periodically. I added a Y to it and with the constraint of not forming a triangle, it is now necessarily aperiodic. But, according to the principle of locality clarified by Einstein, distant objects cannot have a direct influence on each other. That is to say, for mathematicians, the triangle should only be on contiguous cats. They therefore do not consider it to be a single aperiodic block, even if it is fully satisfactory from a presentation point of view..