Fantastic! Marvellous work. Clearly depicted and explained. Thank you.

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Many many thanks, this has made my day!

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Bravo ! I have been extremely depressed since yesterday, for personal reasons that are completely irrelevant here, but your animal tesselations brought a true smile to my face and some semblance of joy to my heart. Thank you.

Send by Philip Taylor, 15/02/2019 - 17h04
In my career I did a lot of work for Islamic Architecture and geometric pattern was a big part of it.
But this is something else. It seems I have learned very little all my life.

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Magnifique Nicholas, merci d'avoir produit de si belles images et de m'avoir introduit dans le monde de la tesselation.

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Thank you for all of the resources!

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MERCI pour le partage.

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Loved the tessellations!

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Thank you so much for the extremely clear and well written explanations, charts, and graphics in your "Figurative Tessellation Method"! After much frustrated reading and researching using other sources, your document finally enables me to understand tessellations both mathematically and as an art form. And an extra BIG thanks for making this incredible info available online for free. You are simply awesome!!

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I only read this article. I am sure the book is even better. One of the best articles and presented with clarity and finesse. Thanks.
I am planning to present this in my blog.
Jayaram Krishnaswamy

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