Due to several piratings of my drawings, and planning to edit puzzles with others, I was forced to remove several dozen. Believe me that I'm sorry


The following drawings are all different of those of my "Figurative Tessellation Method". In this method you will find nearly 120 other tessellations with instructions for their creation.
New drawings are added periodically.
The base type specified is the isohedral type defined by B. Grünbaum and G.C. Shephard.
All the drawings are copyright Alain Nicolas, all rights reserved. You must get my permission to reproduce any of my work.

painter of infinity tessellation

The "Painter of Infinity" open the gallery
Base type: IH21

birds poincaré hyperbolique disk

"In Search of Infinity"
Base type: IH41

einstein poincaré disk

"Einstein Poincare Disk"
Base type: IH28

angels demons poincaré disc

"Angels & Demons" ("Angels and Devils" revisited)
Base type: IH71

space poincaré hyperbolic disk

"Hyperbolic Space"
Base type: IH28

escher poincare hyperbolic

"Hyperbolic Escher"
Type de base: IH28

escher lineage tiling

Base type: IH16/IH7

zebra tiling

"Li'l Zebra"
Base type: IH7

penrose triangle

"Sir Roger's Cat"
Base type: 60° rhomb

heart bird tiling

"Love in a Cage"
Base type: IH41 (2 motives)

heart tiling

"Love in a Bowl"
Base type: IH41 (2 motives)

rabbit tessellation

"Land, Sky & Sea Trinity"
Base type: IH1

madness tessellation

"Wisdom & Madness"
Base type: IH1

ducks flights tessellation

"120° Flights"
Base type: IH36

three birds tessellation

"3 Birds Cube"
Base type: IH1

three fishes tessellation

"3 Fishes Cube"
Base type: IH1

four elements tessellation

"Classical Elements"
Base type: IH1

vaquero tessellation

Base type: IH41

vaquero frame tessellation

"Vaquero Frame"
Base type: IH41

guitarist amplification tessellation

Base type: IH7

dolphins pirouettes

Base type: IH7

120° flights

"Progressive Flights"
Base type: IH36

reindeers in the arctic

Base type: IH33

einstein to pave universe tessellation

"Ein Stein" (A Stone in Deutch)
to pave the road to the universe"
Base type: IH28

heights & depths tilings

"Heights & Depths"
Base type: IH41

musical notes tilings

"The Sound of the Sea"
Base type: IH1

 cube tessellation

"Soil, Air & Water"
Base type: IH41 (3 motives)

 tessellation black hole

"Black hole with frogs"
Base type IH12

 flower bird fractal

"Fractal Flower & Bird N°1"
Base kite 60° 90°

 flower rose bird fractal

"Fractal Flower & Bird N°2"
Base kite 60° 90°

kite fish fractal

"Fractal Fish"
Base kite 60° 90°

kite fishes fractal

"Fractal Fishes"
Base kite 60° 90°

kite lizards fractal

"Fractal Lizards"
Base kite 60° 90°

fractal double with fishes

"Double Fractal Fishes"
Base kite 60° 90°

escher sky and water 3

"L'air et l'Eau" ("Sky and Water" in French)
Tribute to Maurits Cornelis Escher
Base type: IH41

infinite penrose stair

"Infinite Stair"
Birds base type: IH41

detail infinite penrose stair

"Infinite Stair" detail

escape man tessellation

Base type: IH43

star flower tessellation

"Star & Flower"
Base type: IH66

stars birds tessellation

"Flight Towards Infinity"
Base type: IH1

dazzle shoal tessellation

"Underwater Dazzle"
Base type: IH1

two singers tessellation

Base type: IH44

man earth tessellation

"Walk the Earth (but on tiptoe)"
Base type: IH41

cubes and ducks tessellation

"Ducks Cubes"
Base type: IH36

rabbit planet tessellation

"Blue Planet"
Base type: IH1

candles and cats tessellation

"All Cats Are Grey in the Dark"
Base type: IH1

paper boat and fish tessellation

"River of childhood"
Base type: IH41

frogs and fishes tessellation

"Crunching the Frogs"
Base type: IH1

swan and fish tessellation

"Peace & Rage"
Base type: IH1

moon & bird tessellation

"Lunar Eclipse"
Base type: IH41

olympic rings tessellation

"Olympic Rings"
Base type: IH41

ball tessellation

"The Ghost and the Ball"
Base type IH28 deformed on a rounded dodecahedron

dolphin tessellation

"Rough Sea/Clement Sky"
Base type IH1

cat and dog tessellation

Base type IH1

fan tessellation

Base type IH47

mandala tessellation

"Mandala of Water, Ground & Air"
Base type: various

air show tessellation

"Air Show" poster
Base type: IH79

crystal mountain tessellation

"Climbing in the Crystal Mountains"
Base type: IH44

crossing frogs tessellation

"Crossing of Frogs"
Base type: IH28

möbius ducks tessellation

"Möbius Folding with Ducks"
Base type: IH36

cats and birds hexa tessellation

Tribute to Makoto Nakamura : "Cats and Birds"
Base type: IH31

fish symbol tessellation

"Symbol Fish"
Base type: IH55

minstrel castle tessellation

Base type: IH86

dinosaur pentagram tessellation

"Dinosaurs' Pentagram"
Base type: IH39

café de paris tessellation

"Waiter... Champagne, Please!"
Base type: IH3

lion blazon tessellation

My "Blazon"
Base type: IH7

rose fractal

"Rose of Soil, Air & Water"
Base kite 60° 90°

big-bang fractal

Base kite 60° 90°

fractal expansion

"Fractal Expansion"
Base kite 60° 90°

rabbit linen tessellation

Child's Linen "Lapinette"
Base type: IH69

cat mouse linen tessellation

Child's Linen "Cat & Mouse"
Base type: IH25

roller coaster tessellation

The "Big Roller-Coaster"
Base type: IH31

mountain men tessellation

Base type: IH3

maze tessellation

"Amazing Maze" 64 times the word "maze"
Base type: IH28

viking boat tessellation

Base type: IH13

fishes circles tessellation

"Fishes Circles"
Base type: IH39

ducks connection tessellation

"Ducks Connection"
Base type: IH33

tessellating falls

"«Tessellating» Falls"
Base type: IH27

equestrian center tessellation

"Equestrian Center" poster
Base type: IH33

mexican postures tessellation

"Mexican Postures"
Base type: IH12

kitten infinitely tessellation

"Kitten Infinitely"
Base type: IH79

goats mountain tessellation

The "Goats Mountain"
Base type: IH25

aquarium tessellation

Base type: IH21

african buckler tessellation

"Witch Doctor’s Buckler"
Base type: IH68

roland garros tessellation

Base type: IH28

tin of sardines tessellation

"Big Tin of Sardines"
Base type: IH39

fishes connection tessellation

"Fishes Connection"
Base type: IH79

infinite flight tessellation

"Infinite Flight" (Parallel perspective)
Base type: IH44

tile place tessellation

"Tile Place"(Curvilinear perspective)
Tribute to Albert Flocon. Base type: IH28

tile place detail tessellation

"Tile Place"(detail)

heart tessellation

Base type: IH55

triquetra tessellation

"Triquetra of air, earth and water"
Base type: p4m (3 figures minimum)

phoenix tessellation

Base type: IH79

planet of fools tessellation

"The planet of the fools"
Base type: IH7

puzzle head breaker tessellation

"Casse-Tête" is the French word for "Puzzle"
the literal translation is “Head-Breaker”!
Base type: IH28

cairo ghost tessellation

"The Cairo Ghost"
Base type: IH28

peace doves tessellation

"Peace Doves"
Base type: IH44

bathroom tiling

"Bathroom Tiling"
Base type: IH28

infinity spiral tessellation

Base type: IH47

paris tessellation

"Paris Blue, White, Red"
Base type: IH11

coaxial space tessellation

"Coaxial Space"
Base type: IH28

coaxial space tessellation

"Coaxial Space"

red and black devil tessellation

"Red and Black"
Base type: IH69

honeycomb tessellation

Base type: IH7

pact of fire tessellation

"Pact of Fire"
Base type: IH36

curved space tessellation

"Curved Space"
Base type: IH28

fishbowl tessellation

Base type: IH39