The following drawings are all different of those of my "Figurative Tessellation Method". In this method you will find nearly 120 other tessellations with instructions for their creation.
The following tessellation were created using TesselManiac, a new software program by college Math/Computer Science instructor Kevin Lee. You can check it out at I finalized the tessellations using Illustrator for publication here.
New tessellations are added periodically.
Several drawings are presented for each of the 35 types of tessellations studied in my method.
For each tessellation I give three classifications, the first is from my method. The second is the isohedral type defined by
B. Grnbaum and G.C. Shephard. The final classification is the symmetry (wallpaper) group.
All the drawings are copyright Alain Nicolas, all rights reserved. You must get my permission to reproduce any of my work.

triangle fish tile

The swimmers: "Triangle Fish"
6b / IH39 / p6

square fish tile

"Square Fish"
4a / IH79 / p4

angelfish shell tiles

"Angelfish & Shell"
6d / IH21 / p6

rocking fishes tiles

"Three Rocking Fishes"
1Gd/ 2Gh /2Gb

four fishes p3 p4 tiles

"Four fishes"
3a / 3b / 4a / 3b

four fishes p4 p6 tiles

"Four fishes"
6a / 4b / 6c / 4c

hexa fish tile

"Fish Hexa"
6a / IH88 /p6

starfish, fish & shell tiles

"Starfish, Fish & Shell"
1a / IH41 /2c

seahorse and fish p4 tile

"Seahorse & Fish"
4c / IH28 /p4

seahorse shell tile

"Seahorse & Shell"
4c / IH28 /p4

seahorse fish tile

"Pointed-Nose & Square-Nose"
6d / IH21 /p6

seahorse tile

"Seahorse & Fish"
3b / IH7 /p3

cairo frog tile

The swimmers-walkers: "Cairo Frog"
4c / IH28 / p4 (Cairo-type Tiling)

singing frog tile

"Singing Frog"
4a / IH79 / p4

turtle tile

"Round Turtle"
1a / IH41 / p1

frog and fish tiles

"Frog & Fish"
1b / IH1 / p1

nini the goat tile

The walkers: "Nini the Goat"
2Ge / IH25 / pgg

nanny goat tile

4b / IH55 / p4

clumsy dog tile

"Clumsy Dog"
2a / IH84 / p2

puppy collar tile

"Puppy 1"
6d / IH21 / p6

puppy without collar tile

"Puppy 2"
6d / IH21 / p6

long schnoz dog tile

6b / IH39 / p6

red nose dog tile

"Red Nose" the nice dog
6b / IH39 / p6

bad dog tile

"Lucifer" the bad dog
4Sa / IH71 / p4g

blankie dog tile

"Doudou" the blankie
2Gb / IH53 / pgg

crow dog tiles

"The Crow and the Dog""
6d / IH21 / p6

doggy tile

1Gc / IH2 / pg

oxo the dog tile

2Gf / IH27 / pgg

dog ball tiles

"Dog & Ball"
6d / IH21 / p6

dog paw tile

"The Paw!"
4b / IH55 / p4

baba the dog tile

6a / IH88 / p6

dancing dog tile

And why not a "Dancing Dog"?!
1b / IH1 / p1

sitting cat tile

"Sitting Cat"
2Ga / IH86 / pgg

cat white mouse tiles

"Cat and Mouse"
2ge / IH25 / pgg

kitten tile

6d / IH21 / p6

jumping cat tile

"Jumpin' Cat"
6a / IH88 / p6

cat rose mouse tiles

"Cat & Mouse"
6c / IH31 / p6

mouse fish cat tiles

"Cat's Dream 1"
4b / IH55 / p4

mouse fish cat bird tiles

"Cat's Dream 2"
4b / IH55 / p4

cat fish tiles

"Cat & Fish"
6d / IH21 / p6

cat bird tiles

Tribute to Makoto Nakamura: "Mak & Nak"
6c / IH31 / p6

bird and cat tiles

"Cat & Bird"
1b / IH1 / p1

bibi the kangaroo tile

Tribute to Bruce Bilney: "Bibi & Baby"
4a / IH79 / p4

dinosaur tile

6b / IH39 / p6

cairo lizard tile

"Cairo Lizard"
4c / IH28 / p4 (Cairo-type Tiling)

lion tile

3b / IH7 / p3

pegasus tile

1Ga / IH43 / pg

winged lion tile

"Winged Lion"
2Gg / IH5 / pgg

monkey tile

2a / IH84 / p2

wolf tile

2b / IH46 / p2

ferret tile

6c / IH31 / p6

mouse tile

6b / IH39 / p6

mrs fox tile

"Mrs Fox"
2e / IH4 / p2

m. fox tile

"Mr Fox"
6a / IH88 / p6

miss rabbit tile

"Miss Lapinette"
2Sb / IH69 / pmg

m. rabbit tile

3a / IH33 / p3

feline tile

4c / IH28 / p4

wooden horse tile

"Dada the wooden horse"
6a / IH88 / p6

ram tile

2e / IH4 / p2

elephant tile

4b / I55 / p4

come and go bird tile

The flyers: "Come and Go Bird"
2Gf / IH27 / cm

two way bird tile

"Two-Way Bird"
2Gc / IH51 / pgg

woody woodpecker tile

The "Woody's Dance"! Hey Hey Hey Hey... Hey!!
6d / IH21 / p6

gertrude the goose tile

"Gertrude the Goose"
6a / IH88 / p6

goosette the goose tile

"Goosette the Goose"
1Ga / IH43 / pg

goose & fish tile

"Goose & Fish"
1b / IH1 / p1

stylised duck tile

"Stylized Duck"
3a / IH33 / p3

ducky tile

2Sa / IH66 / pmg

duck tile

3b / IH7 / p3

egg bird tile

"The Egg and the Bird"
2d / IH23 / p2

crested bird tile

"Crested Bird"
1Gc / IH2 / pg

loving bird tile

"Lover Bird"
2Gb / IH53 / pgg

duckling tile

6c / IH31 / p6

wasp tile

"Fofolle, the Wasp"
3b / IH7 / p3

four birds pg p3 pgg tiles

"Four birds"
1Gb / 2Ga / 3b / 2Gf

four birds p4 tiles

"Four birds"
4b / 4c / 4c / 4c

four birds p4 p6 tiles

"Four birds"
4c / 6a / 4c / 6a

three birds p6 tiles

"Three birds"
6c / 6d / 6c

jurassic bird tile

1Gb / IH44 / pg

france bird tile

"Blue, White, Red"
Close to 6d / IH21 / p6. In fact type IH11

bluebird tile

1Gb / IH44 / pg