The following drawings are all different of those of my "Figurative Tessellation Method". In this method you will find nearly 120 other tessellations with instructions for their creation.
The following tessellation were created using TesselManiac, a new software program by college Math/Computer Science instructor Kevin Lee. You can check it out at I finalized the tessellations using Illustrator for publication here.
New tessellations are added periodically.
Several drawings are presented for each of the 35 types of tessellations studied in my method.
For each tessellation I give three classifications, the first is from my method. The second is the isohedral type defined by
B. Grünbaum and G.C. Shephard. The final classification is the symmetry (wallpaper) group.
All the drawings are copyright Alain Nicolas, all rights reserved. You must get my permission to reproduce any of my work.

magician tilings

"The Magician" open the Gallery
1b / IH1 / p1

bandit tilings

The cowboys: "Little Joe the Wrangler"
1Sa / IH68 / cm

hands-up cowboy tilings

"Don't shoot me, Little Joe
1Sa / IH68 / cm

cowgirl calamity jane  tilings

Beware, here is "Calamity Jane"!
2Sc / IH13 / pmg

climbing man tilings

Sport, now: "Climbing 1"
1Gd / IH3 / pg

skater woman tilings

2Gb / IH53 / pgg

horseman tilings

3a / IH33 / p3

kung fu tilings

2Sa / IH66 / pmg

tennis man tilings

4c / IH28 / p4

jogger girl tilings

2c / IH47 / p2

running man tilings

2Gg / IH5 / pgg

climber tilings

"Climbing 2"
1Gb / IH44 / pg

skiing man tilings

2Gf / IH27 / pgg

painter tilings

The "Painter of Infinity"
Close to 6a / IH88 / p6. In fact type IH21

mouse & woman tilings

"iiiiiiii... a mouse!!!"
6c / IH31 / p6

kid goat & bird tilings

"In the Country"
4c / IH28 / p4

rocking boy tilings

And then, let's dance: "Rockin' and boppin'"
1b / IH1 / p1

mongolian tilings

"Mongol ballet"
Close to 3Sa / IH36/ p31m. In fact type IH16

rockabilly boy tiling

"Country Boppin'"
2Gd / IH52 / pgg

dancing man tilings

French "Bal Musette""
2e / IH4 / p2

hip-hop dancer tilings

2Gd / IH52 / pgg

fakir dancer tilings

The "Fakir Dance"
2d / IH23 / p2

jerk dancer tilings

1a / IH41 / p1

twist dancer tilings

"Twist in Saint-Tropez"
2Gg / IH5 / pgg

crazy dancer tilings

"Dance of the Fool"
4b / IH55 / p4

flamenco dancer tilings

"Flamenco & Castanets"
4c / IH28 / p4 (Cairo-type Tiling)

man clapping hands tile

"And "Clap Your Hands"
4c / IH28 / p4 (Cairo-type Tiling)

minstrel tilings

The tilts: "Bow"
2Ga / IH86 / pgg

chinese submission tilings

1Gc / IH2 / pg

friendly hand tilings

"Bonjour mon ami"
4b / IH55 / p4

party man tilings

Consequences: Have a "Party", turns the head!
2Gc / IH51 / pgg

balancing man tilings

It's hard to keep the "Balance"...
2Gh / IH6 / pgg

falling woman tilings

... and you risk the "Fall"
2Gf / IH27 / pgg

lead guitarist tilings

The musicians: "Guitarist"
2c / IH47 / p2

singer tilings

"Dramatic Singer"
1Gb / IH44 / pg

rhythm guitarist tilings

"2nd Guitarist"
3b / IH7 / p3

banjo man tilings

"Banjo Man"
2Gh / IH6 / pgg

elvis tilings

2Gd / IH52 / pgg

horseman tilings

Mexico: The "Vaquero"
1a / IH41 / p1

mexican girl tilings

The "Mexican Girl"
1Sb / IH12 / cm

mexican tilings

The "Fall off a Horse!"
4Sa / IH71 / p4g

unduline siren tile

The sirens: "Unduline the Siren"
1Gb / IH44 / pg

mermaid tile

The "Little Mermaid"
4a / IH79 / p4

poly siren tile

"Poly the Siren"
1Gc / IH2 / pg

devil tile

The bad ones: "Little Devil"
2Sb / IH69 / pmg

fire woman tile

"Fire Queen"
3Sa / IH36 / p31m

bad man tile

"The Nice Dog & the Bad Guy"
4c / IH28 / p4

falling man tile

The polygonals: "Triangular Fall"
6c / IH31 / p6

square man tile

"Square Man"
4a / IH79 / p4

triangle clown tile

"Triangle Clown"
6d / IH21 / p6

waiter champagne tile

"Waiter ... Champagne, Please!"
1Gd / IH3 / pg

witch doctor tile

The symmetric tiles: "Witch Doctor"
1Sa / IH68 / cm

viking tile

2Sc / IH13 / pmg

symmetric clown tile

Chidren special, the "Clown"
1Sb / IH12 / cm

butterfly woman tile

The "Butterfly Queen"
4Sa / IH71 / p4g

paper hen tile

"Paper Hen & Squares"
4c / IH28 / p4

kevin lee tile

TesselManiac: "Lee" the creator
2b / IH46 / p2

airplane tile

The flying things: "Airplane"
4a / IH79 / p4

space man tile

6c / IH31 / p6

ghost tile

4c / IH28 / p4 (Cairo-type Tiling)

boat tile

The floating things: "My Paperboat"
6c / IH31 / p6

sailboat tile

6d / IH21 / p6

paper boat and fish tiles

"Paper Boat & Fish"
1a / IH41 / p1

balancer tile

"Balancer" My 300th tessellation
6d / IH21 / p6

star and birds tiles

"Star and Bird"
1b… / 1b… / 1b… / 1Gd…

moon and birds tiles

"Moon and Bird"
1a / IH41 / p1

candle and cat tiles

"Candle and Cat"
1b / IH1 / p1

three chinese tiles

"Three Chinese"

woman with fan tiles

"Woman with Fan"
2Gc / IH51 / pgg


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